Good Morning! And in case I don’t see ya…

Finally, I’ve been running in the morning!! Just one day before I finish up Week 3 with a 10.31k this a.m.  Things are so much better for me going out in the morning, one namely being that I don’t have to suffer in as much heat this time of year. The puddle of sweat on the front of my shirt was just that — more of a puddle than a lake. Also, everyone (Everyone meaning about max. 2 runners I might see around 7am once this week!) is friendlier as it is common for “Good morning”s to be exchanged. I know this is a phenomenon from running in years passed. There is a kind of mild rapport between people up this early and high on endorphins from exercise. It almost seems awkward not to say something on a trail (next to a main highway of course), even in a fairly big city.

I can’t say that I’ve been back to my beloved gravel roadside route though. Should be getting back there this week. I’m still sitting at 6mins/kilometer though, 6:02 to be painfully precise. I made that pace today for my 10.31k which took me 01:02:15. Yep. In 22 degrees Celcius heat, not bad. Not complaining about that, but I want to get out at least 30 minutes earlier to start at 20. I’ll be so spoiled.

Longest run coming up tomorrow is going to be 18k. Nice long, early Sunday morning run 😀

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15kms later…

Well, ladies and gents and otherwise, I finally got my act together and got up early this morning. I even did my maintenance stretches before I left! 😀

I ran 15.03kms (the .03 is VERY important) in about 23 degrees C heat, but that wasn’t really enough of a cooler temperature for me. Even though it was in the morning hours, I got off to a bit of a late start. I hope to be out the door even earlier tomorrow so that I can benefit from a cooler temperature and less sun intensity. I was still nearly drowning in sweat.

My time was pretty good at 1:29:33 for a pace of 5:57! Not bad considering this was my longest run in almost 4 years! Morning running felt great. It’s really nice to see a place on foot, even whilst running. I run by a lot of areas in the city that I normally pass through by car and it can look so different from the perspective I get on the street or gravel side. It’s nice to pass by a nice over-hang of vibrant green tree branches in the summer. Sometimes I can’t even recognize the horizon in these same areas due to the different perspective on foot. Nice.



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Today’s song is: Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison.

Keeping up with the Momentums :)

Today was another fine day in terms of consistency with my running. Week 2 of my marathon training plan is drawing to a close! Exciting stuff. I’m happy and proud of myself for getting this far. I really struggled with going out this evening. (Yes, still evening instead of morning running. Really looking forward to getting my act together in the mornings so I can reap the benefits of running in cooler temps.)

Sometimes, in regards to going out for a run, I am like that kid who’s pretty good in a subject and so he/she thinks maybe they can let the weekend prior to blow by without studying and then just cram the night before, AND still get a decent grade! ..But, they still wouldn’t do as well than if they had studied that weekend! It does always make a difference.

So, yeah, another run in about 24 degrees heat. Not too bad at all since I left it so late into the evening. My time for 8km today was 46:35! at a smooth pace of 5:49! Now, I really need to get with the program in terms of my maintenance stretching and running in the mornings….looks like it might not happen again today, lol, but hopefully, tomorrow isn’t too late!

I had a few hollas at me this evening…I guess I’m doing well, I’ve triggered some people to yell at me out there sweating buckets all by myself hauling ass. It always reminds me that some people will always be the ones in life yelling some unintelligible “smart” remark as they whiz by going (at least) 50 miles an hour at people who are actually standing out and making the solo effort to get up and DO something to make changes in their lives.

Right on. (Does it even occur to them that I can’t even hear what they’re saying while zipping by at that speed anyway? What do you do on a Friday night?) 🙂 …I’m looking forward to the weekend however, I’ve got my long run this Sunday! 😀 (Btw, I can’t say or type I’m looking forward to the weekend, which is a natural thing for me to say, without thinking of that Rebecca Black song… Does that make me old? A sixty-something-year-old songwriter for pre-teens? Lol. On that same inquiring note, do people still write lol anymore? I do.)

Also, just want to thank the people on here for all the recent Likes and Follows 🙂 It may not seem like much but it helps to encourage me. Similarly, I hope that all of your fitness and/or personal goals and endeavors are going well and progressing!

Today’s song is a good old 1980s tune (long version): Money for Nothing by Dire Straits.

And I believe it’s cheques for free, not chicks for free, however, it could really have been both 🙂




Getting there!! :D

Ok, it’s always nice to feel like you’re making progress. That’s how I felt today! Sure enough, I did. Great! Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s going to be a good time or not. I’ll think that I’m making pretty good time with good pacing and then I’m at the finishing point, look at the clock and it turns out my feeling doesn’t quite match the reality.

I even had that darned long hill at the beginning/end of my course today 😀 …And at least 27 degrees C temps this late afternoon (Yup, that’s right, I haven’t got my act together yet to run in the early morning :p).  Soon. Ditto regarding the maintenance stretches! …I got to get back to that, I don’t want to put my knees out. :/

That’s from putting money/mileage in the bank lo these past few weeks! ..Yeah, and coffee also helps… :/ Would like to run on more sleep, not (just) caffeine. Woulds and shoulds…all things considered, some progress was had today 🙂

Drumroll please! * 5:54mins/km pace for 8km with a time of 47:20! ..Little victories.




Today’s song is: Thunder by Imagine Dragons.

5k in the (relative) darkness.

I completed a 5.04km run tonight in approx. 30mins and 30secs at a pace of 6:03mins/km. Fairly well paced with good form throughout! Will I get back to running in the mornings again? I certainly hope to soon! 8km tomorrow! (Still, no stretches done…)


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Today’s song is: Don’t Wanna Know by Maroon 5

PACE Yo’ Self!

Even before I put my shoes on this morning I realized how much I miss running in the mornings vs the afternoons or evenings! I got out fairly early to begin my run at 6:55am, but not early enough! It was still very hot at least 26 degrees Celcius and increasing this morning! I survived due to good pacing before my half-way point. (Also, my form was pretty great as well throughout, even for the last kilometer.)

It was one of the hottest days of the year I think, or so it seemed. We’ve been getting this almost month-long heat wave with heat warnings issued by Environment Canada here just about every day…I know my late afternoon/evening runs need to draw to a close and be replaced with morning runs — old school. It just makes better sense in this heat. I think I’m losing at least a minute difference due to the heat/humidity factor alone.

Of course, that will mean that I need to wake up early and get to bed fairly early on a consistent basis…hmmm… Life changes. So, today I ran a 13k for 1 hour and 23 minutes and 25 seconds in the growing heat at a 6:25min/km pace. (No stretches today, too busy, but tomorrow I need to get back at it! There is a 5k on the menu..)



Photo by me. Taken this AM on the way to my starting point 🙂


Btw, Week1 is officially done-zo! Complete! :D!!! Yay, me! This is a good start 🙂

Today’s song is from one of my favourite bands in their better days: Everything’s Not Lost by Coldplay.

8 legs

So happy that I went out again today. I was going to anyways, of course, but I ended up leaving pretty late, which actually helped because the temps went down to a frigid 25 or 24 degrees Celcius, I think. It really did help though!

I think maybe cooler temps have helped the most along with getting back into it.. but I’d have to say that the cooler temps are the primary factor. I didn’t get those maintenance stretches done today — none.

I’m going to try and run in the mornings instead. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve got a pace of 5:50mins/km to report at a time of 47mins for an 8k! This is good.


Today’s song is: Snjør by Ayush Jajoria